After-sales service commitment 

    Zhongshan Carter Testing Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a full-scale cooperation enterprise with German Carter Company's technical business. Our company will take European quality and first-class philosophy as our responsibility, keep on forging ahead, and be brave in innovation; maintain high frequency contact and communication with customers. Continuously listen to customer use suggestions, develop more perfect, applicable and efficient testing equipment; develop and select first-class equipment at home and abroad to build our hardware platform; we will provide customers with the most advanced design ideas to build first-class motor vehicle testing lines; We will return our customers' trust in us with fast and efficient after-sales service. 
    Our ultimate goal: to recognize customers as friends, let our car inspectors become a family. 
    Service concept: 
    First, the customer is always right

    Second, when the customer is wrong, please refer to the first 
    service tenet:          
    think what the customer thinks, urgency customer 
    service goal: 
    pursue customer 100% satisfaction, exceed customer expectations, 
    our company's technical and after-sales service commitment to bidding equipment includes the following contents :  
    1. Our company is responsible for equipment installation, commissioning and regular maintenance free of charge, and provides technical support, spare parts supply and system upgrade at any time. 
    After the completion of on-site civil engineering construction, the water, electricity, gas, lighting and lifting tools on the demand side are determined. After the construction conditions such as equipment are available, our engineering personnel will be stationed at the construction site. The main technical management personnel and inspectors of the owner unit will join the engineering and technical personnel of our company to participate in the installation and construction process, and simultaneously carry out training during the construction process (including: detection line control system) Structural theory, maintenance and repair of testing equipment, knowledge of computer network and on-site practice of installation and commissioning), preliminary grasp of operational skills and simple troubleshooting methods. 
    After the completion of the project, our company's full-time training engineers will conduct comprehensive and specialized technical training for the user of the test line. 
    After the installation and commissioning of the project is qualified, the organization manpower will conduct theoretical and practical knowledge assessment on the test line operators to truly establish a turnkey project. 
    2, the service response speed and method 
    a. Conduct tracking service for customers, call back at least once a month or return home. 
    b. The company is free of charge during the warranty period. We will provide free expert consultation service outside the warranty period, and have a hotline consultation number: 13329295528 (QQ: 343328305). Hotline consultation email: 
    c. After receiving the service request, respond within half an hour and take out the solution one hour. 
    d. If the customer's technical staff can't solve the problem through telephone guidance, we will send a senior engineer to arrive at the scene in the shortest time. The maximum time of the city can't exceed one day. 
    e. The general problem will be solved within one hour, and the more serious problem will be assigned to the expert team within one working day. 
    Our after-sales service process:  
pre-sales: understanding customer needs, entrusting industry senior experts to help users analyze needs, technical guidance and consultation    

   Selling:  Organizing industry expert groups to solve special user requirements and ultimately provide the best solution for users

    After-sales:  Delegate a senior engineer to do free service within two years, and make no profit after-sales service after the warranty period.
     3. The quality guarantee period of the equipment. 
    Our company can provide a warranty period of up to 12 months (special products will be specified by our company). The warranty period shall be calculated from the date of signing of the qualified equipment and equipment; the data acquisition card of our company's system hardware can be guaranteed for three years. 
    4. Free after-sales service period 
    Our company can provide free on-site service maintenance period for up to two years. During the warranty period, you can call back once a month to keep abreast of the device usage status. Every quarter, the door is free to be tested and the equipment is fully maintained . After receiving the call for repair, the user will respond within half an hour and give a clear technical reply; if the telephone guidance cannot be resolved, the user will arrive at the site within 2 hours and the fault will be corrected within 24 hours. We will also provide users with a full set of equipment maintenance precautions and operational procedures, and special lectures on safety knowledge for operators and operators; 
     5, free after-sales service scope: 
    strictly abide by relevant national regulations. And promised to visit and maintain once every quarter during the free home service period of the following year. During the warranty period, under normal use, the equipment will be faulty and our company will waive all fees. After the warranty period, lifetime maintenance, only the replacement cost is charged, no other fees are charged, and the industry minimum fee is guaranteed; 
     6. After-sales service organization and personnel protection
    Our company has an independent after-sales service organization, which is under the responsibility of the company's deputy general manager. ; 
our company can provide professional and technical personnel responsible for the operation of all equipment and training software. According to your unit schedule. Professional training for teachers and laboratory management personnel, such as equipment operation and daily maintenance; system installation, commissioning, operation and use, daily maintenance and so on. And can provide free technical advice and guidance to the school; 
    Carter Technology trains several operators for the user free of charge. Specialized technical training can be carried out at the user's location or within the company to enable the operator to master the correct operation and simple troubleshooting capabilities to facilitate the normal operation of the test line. The training content mainly includes: 
    training programs such as on-site installation and maintenance are as follows:


training content

Expected training effect

Inspection station overall requirements

1 test station function

2 basic conditions of the test station

3 test line for the power supply and supply and supply requirements of the test station

Trainees have a general understanding of the overall requirements of the test station and understand the specific requirements of the test line for power supply and gas supply.

Testing items and testing standards

1 test project content

2 testing equipment corresponding to various projects

3 evaluation criteria

Trainees clearly identify the test items and corresponding equipment and evaluation criteria used

Testing equipment and structural principles of the test line and other matters

1 detection equipment working principle

2 test equipment technical parameters

3 detection equipment structure

4 equipment installation and its installation conditions and testing methods

5 equipment calibration

6 use operation

7Maintenance and precautions

8 common faults and solutions

Trained personnel understand the working principle and technical parameters of the equipment, and can perform installation, inspection, calibration, etc., as well as maintenance and common faults.

Principle of electrical control

1 working principle

2 wiring, installation, operation and use

3 equipment and accessories installation, operation

4 maintenance and precautions

Trained personnel understand the principle of electrical control, can be wired, installed, commissioned and know how to maintain and precautions

Detect the necessary operational knowledge and simple maintenance of the control software system and database

1 software login

2 software test items operation

3 business operation process

4 data backup and maintenance

5 matters related to the interconnection with the superior department

Trained personnel can carry out daily business operations, be familiar with the control functions of software testing items, and can perform data backup and maintenance.

Q & A and other matters

1 Technical manual and operation manual Q & A

2 The company's after-sales service operation mode and process

3 Other relevant questions and answers

Trainees can understand the specifications and instructions of the technical manual and operation manual, and clearly understand the company's after-sales procedures.

Carter World After Sales Team

Service only has a starting point, satisfaction has no end

     The key to Carter's after-sales service lies in the consciousness, which is the starting point of the enterprise, the service standard of the customer, the service attitude towards the customer, and expecting to pass the overall concept of the enterprise, requiring the dealers and franchisees to reflect what services can be done for the customers, and what to use. The standard is to serve consumers to ensure a good brand impression to consumers, which is the function of Carter. In fact, it is still a corporate culture that is very important, that is, Carter’s attitude towards after-sales service. When doing the after-sales service, the emphasis is on the values ​​that the service follows. Team leaders often remind the team that selling products to consumers is only a continuation of the product. To do their own brand in China, it is necessary to make consumers have a good experience in service, and to introduce consumers in the service link. Feel the sincere things. One sentence repeatedly said, “Let the service touch the consumers”

  It is "we" rather than "I" Carter adheres to the new service concept. The after-sales team exists not only for the pursuit of higher product quality, but for the user's better product experience. Work with dealers to create a customer network map, lead by example, and return customers with better service. The Carter World After-Sales Team conducts a monthly summary meeting, feedbacks users to use surveys, conducts customer return visits on a regular basis, cooperates with each user, is guided by user satisfaction, and takes the company's service principles as the direction. Better upgrade the company's products and services, keep pace with the times and innovate the future.

       Live meeting of some members of the Carter sales team

Since the establishment of the Carter World Sales Department in March 2011, it has been 6 years since then, each member of the after-sales service has its own installation summary experience and after-sales service model. Carters' after-sales installers have spread throughout the provinces and cities. Towards the goal of “  improving the quality of after-sales service and improving customer satisfaction ”, the “one-to-many” installation and after-sales installation service regularly reports feedback on the management model of customer usage information, as well as irregular and irregular professional skills and knowledge inspection requirements. The after-sales department tends to mature management.       

After-sales personnel part installation diagram

Motorcycle scene map

Flat test line scene map

Carter World Aftermarket Hotline: 0760-85766681

Carter Sales Manager: 13106808318 (Manager Liang)

Carter Sales Manager: 13329955298 (Manager Yang)

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