Vehicle Sideslip Tester CTCH-3/CTCH-10/CTCH-15

◆ Introduction

The vehicle sideslip tester is used to test the sideslip quantity from the combined action of the camber angle and the toe-in angle.

◆ Features:
    √ The whole welded body is strong, material has high intensity and quality, easy to adjust and install.
    √ The idler wheels are with high accuracy, the slider smoothly, and the level initial intensible force is very small.
    √ It adopts double slider linkage, synchronization error less than 0.04mm, repetitiveness is excellent.
    √ Advanced structures, double sliders slip seperately, easy to install.

◆ 技术参数

Model                      CTCH-3          CTCH-10            CTCH-15

Max. axle load(kg)      3000             10000               15000

Tread(inside/outside)(mm)    700/2400        700/2700            700/2900

Test scope(m/km)            ±15             ±15                ±15

Slip Plate Dimension(mm)            850×500         1000×1000          1000×1000

Dimension(mm)          2700×660x200     3000×1420x220      3000×1420x220

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