Test line in auto safety

◆ meet the latest national standards 
      GB7258-2004 "Safety requirements for operation of motor vehicles" 
      GB18565-2001 "commercial vehicles performance requirements and test methods" 
      JT/T478-2002 "vehicle inspection station computer control system technical specifications" 
      JT/T445-2001 "chassis dynamometer general technical conditions" 
      GB21861-2008 "motor vehicle safety inspection items and methods"

◆ Application (sub 3 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons) 
      Comprehensive Performance vehicle inspection station 
      Motor vehicle production maintenance and repair business, teaching and scientific research

◆ Test items 
      External examination, the axis (Wheel), braking, sideslip, speed tables, lighting, exhaust, emissions, sound levels, smoke, chassis clearance, wheel steering angle, engine comprehensive test, chassis power, wheel torque, fuel consumption, power steering, etc. 
      Matching multiple testing equipment communication testing more items

◆ Inspection Line Features 
       √ station layout designed advanced, easy to use, reliable operation 
       √ computer as the core for data acquisition, processing, display, print 
       √ intelligent automatic detection can be landed disorder, disorder detection, automatic scheduling 
       √ powerful system extensions, distributed network architecture to support multi-line one-stop, first-line multi-station, powerful 
       √ complete system automation capabilities, remote maintenance from time to time, the network server user upgrade and maintenance 
       √ simple and accurate system calibration 
       √ test-bed platform body with overall welding, high strength, no anchor bolt installation, easy installation

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