Automatic car two maintenance, safety gate test line

◆ Product Description 
    Is based on the "road transport regulations" and the Ministry of Communications, "the road passenger transport and terminal regulations," "vehicle maintenance regulations" and other regulations and standards supporting the development of automatic vehicle performance test line. The product is based on configuration requirements can be a vehicle speed, yaw, brake, chassis clearance, headlights, exhaust emissions, a number of functional tests. Concentration of single station control system, test control, data acquisition and processing, display storage, print management, and so may have done the same computer, simple structure, stable and reliable performance. Leaves are widely used in plant maintenance, passenger transport enterprises.

◆ Features 
     German technical control module, data acquisition and stable, reliable 
     Future safety performance of vehicles can be upgraded to comprehensive performance test line or test line 
     Centralized control, simple and reliable 
     Unique operating and testing technology

◆ Technical parameters and configuration table

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